Solve VIM NERDTree: 1 invalid bookmarks were read

I started to use vim. Although I don’t really get the essentials of vim yet, I like this editor very much. One of my favorite plugin is called NERDTree.

I encountered an annoying problem yesterday. NERDTree complained that “invalid bookmarks were read”.

This is because NERDTreeBookmarks still keep the cache even bookmarks already deleted from vim.

Here is a quick solution. Just delete NERDTree cache by:

Vim Basic Commands

I decided to start to migrate to vim from other text editors, such as BBEdit. One reason is that vim will be super efficient if I can master this editor. Another one is that vim is easy to be deployed to other machines. I read Byte of Vim once last quarter, and I just start to read it one more time. Here is my vim repository on github. I will keep updating it.


Insert mode

Move your cursor the, Vim way

Words, sentences, paragraphs

Make your mark

Jump around

Parts of the text

Reading and wriing files

Cut, Copy and Paste

Time machine using undo/redo

A powerful search engine but not a dotcom

Multiple Sections Using Folds

Multiple Windows

Multiple Tabs