UCSC 1st Hackathon

I participated the UCSC 1st Hackathon last weekend. Most people already had a team before the hackathon, but I didn’t have one. Some people didn’t even have a team at the end of the Hackathon. Fortunately, I found my team at the “dating” period which lasted about an hour a half. My teammates were Alex and Maria. They are both fourth year students. Alex is a physics major student. Maria has the same major as me, computer science. Maria is also an international student who comes from Barcelona. 13722867244_b60306defb_o Our vision is to help talented students in UCSC to collaborate with each other. For example, I am making a video game called Call of Duty. I am a computer science major student. I am able to deal with the coding part of the project. What I need right now is a musician who can help me with the music for the game. Our project will help people who is similar to me to find talented students. Users can post projects and manage their projects. On the other hand, Students who are looking for projects can “follow” the project and get connection with project owners. 13722867054_9e615e0a2e_o Our project was called project slug. I was responsible for the iPhone app. Alex was responsible for the sever. Maria was really good at web developing. She wrote the whole website. She was also a database “expert”. She designed the database schema. 13722864524_209d61a3e0_o We were really lucky. We got the second place! HAHA. Our team won $3,000 dollars, and each of us got $1,000. I was really happy and excited! Here is the local press
* UCSC’s First Ever Hackathon in Review
* Hack UCSC 2014: A Step in the Right Direction I learned a lot from this Hackathon:

  1. Git! Github! I need to master this version control system.
  2. MySQL! SQL! My great weakness. I also learned a little bit how to design schema.
  3. Use command line. I only used graphical user interface before, so I am uncomfortable with command line. I need to get more comfortable with it.
  4. Web development! I need to learn more about it.
  5. I must have good ideas! My plan is to have a little notebook with me all the time in order to jot down innovative ideas.  

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